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Together your hosts Kelly Wilkes and Bree Holling will combine evidence-based information with personal insight to help you heal from past experiences, make informed and empowered decisions, grow as individuals and mothers and find solidarity in this journey that is Matrescence.

Whether you are a mother, a birth worker or just a woman driven to be the best version of herself, as long as you like belly laughs, heart warming stories and over sharing, this is a place for you.

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#25 Gathering your Village for a nourished 4th Trimester with Leila from Village for Mama The Matrescence Podcast

When you are pregnant, it feels as though the whole world wants to weigh in on what you can eat. Or more specifically, what you can’t eat. No coffee, no alcohol, no sushi, no fun.However, once a woman gives birth there is a not so subtle shift from focusing on the mother's wellbeing, to focusing on the baby.New mother's are sleep deprived, healing from birth, recovering from 9 months of depletion and oftentimes providing 100% of a babies nutritional needs. Despite this, postpartum mothers receive little to no guidance on the importance of postpartum nutrition, let alone where to start. In today’s episode we chat to Leila. Leila is a Gold Coast based mama, holistic postpartum doula, nutrition consultant and author of the incredible Village For Mama postpartum recipe book.Throughout this episode we cover how to rally your village for a  nourished 4th trimester, some general principles for postpartum nutrition and how you can support new mothers in your life through the gift of food. We also get to hear a little bit about Leila’s own matrescence journey, how the book came to fruition and some honest reflections on her own postpartum wellbeing. Whether you are a birth worker, a mother, or  a beloved member of someone's village, you are guaranteed to take something away from this episode.To connect with Leila: Leila | Postpartum Village (@villageformama) • Instagram photos and videos home – village for mama To purchase Leila's book: Village for mama postpartum recipe book – village for mama Follow us on Instagram @matrescence.podcast 
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