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Together your hosts Kelly Wilkes and Bree Holling will combine evidence-based information with personal insight to help you heal from past experiences, make informed and empowered decisions, grow as individuals and mothers and find solidarity in this journey that is Matrescence.

Whether you are a mother, a birth worker or just a woman driven to be the best version of herself, as long as you like belly laughs, heart warming stories and over sharing, this is a place for you.

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#32 Bree and Kel Christmas Special The Matrescence Podcast

 Christmas is the most magical time of the year. Or  is it? Every year it feels like Christmas costs more. This year, Australians are set to fork out $23.9 billion on everything from presents to pina coladas.But there is another cost that is rarely talked about. The cost of women’s time, energy and sanity. As Christmas draws near, women are busy working behind the scenes to pull off the work of an entire Christmas village. No Santa's little helpers. No Rudolph. Just a mum who loves her kids so damn much. Depending on what your family unit looks like, the men in your life may also be chipping in however, research suggests that women continue to take on a disproportionate amount of the load.  This is nothing new. In fact, for many, it is painfully familiar.  Christmas has a tendency to amplify the inequalities that women experience every day when it comes to the division of labour, the mental load and emotional labour.  By the time Christmas Day arrives, women are limping over the line, completely exhausted by the silly season, but the work is not done. Not even close.  In this episode, Kel and Bree discuss the big and small ways that they are trying to reclaim Christmas. How they navigate the mental load, gift giving, conversations about Santa, and why one year Kel decided to give all of her Children’s gifts to an orphanage. This episode is full of laughs. The perfect, palate cleanser for the silly season.  To connect with us: Instagram: @matrescence.podcastFacebook: Matrescence Matters.
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