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This is a place for you to find the information and support you need to make the transition to motherhood an empowering one.

Together your hosts Kelly Wilkes and Bree Holling will combine evidence-based information with personal insight to help you heal from past experiences, make informed and empowered decisions, grow as individuals and mothers and find solidarity in this journey that is Matrescence.

Whether you are a mother, a birth worker or just a woman driven to be the best version of herself, as long as you like belly laughs, heart warming stories and over sharing, this is a place for you.

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#31 Kel and Bree – Real Talk Life Update – November 2021 The Matrescence Podcast

In this week’s episode Kel and Bree sit down together to check in, and chat about some big life changes; Building a house, moving, supporting a child with chronic unexplained illness, updates on both Kel’s doula studies and Bree’s midwifery studies, a career change.. or not, how Bree is adapting to life as a mum of two and so much more. As they wrap up the end of the season, Kel and Bree wanted to strip it right back. No experts, no plan, just an  honest conversation, about the ups and downs of motherhood. The Matrescence Podcast grew from a desire to bring these exact conversations to you. To allow you to be a fly on the wall through intimate conversations about identity, money, roles, the mental load and more. So today join us, as we make sense of our own matrescence  journeys, and help you to make sense of yours. 
  1. #31 Kel and Bree – Real Talk Life Update – November 2021
  2. #30 Maintaining Intimacy through Matrescence: Insights from married couple Brad and Tabitha
  3. #29 Breastfeeding Q&A with Sam Foster IBCLC
  4. #28 Supporting Your Little One’s Innate Desire to Learn with Unschooling Mama Laura.
  5. #27 When Breast Feeding Doesn't go to Plan with IBCLC Kate Visser
  6. #26 Supporting Men Through Their Trasition to Parenthood w/ Steven Kennedy from Birthing Dads
  7. #25 Gathering your Village for a nourished 4th Trimester with Leila from Village for Mama
  8. #24 Matrescence – Navigating the Identity Shift with Yara Heary
  9. #23 Gentle Parenting with Rebecca Cefai
  10. #22 Your Pelvic Floor in Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond with Caitlin Dunsford

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