Matrescence describes a woman’s transition into motherhood. Be it through birth, surrogacy, step-parenting or any other means.

It encompasses the physical, hormonal, social, spiritual and emotional transitions that occur when you become a mother.

Matrescence reoccurs every time a new child is brought into the world, and arguably never ends.

Bree’s Birth Story


Kelly and Bree met in 2014. Looking to expand their village, Kelly and her husband Anthony brought Bree onboard to nanny their boys.

Over the course of their friendship, Kel and Bree have provided one another with emotional and physical support throughout their motherhood journeys. Now, they want to do the same for you.

This project is the culmination of many conversations, often short and interrupted by children, but always with a desire to learn and share with others. Find out more about Bree and Kelly and why they started this journey together.


The Matrescence Podcast is a weekly podcast that provides women with the information and support they require to navigate the powerful transition from woman to mother. Together, your hosts Kelly Wilkes and Bree Holling combine evidence-based research, expert guests and personal insight to help women help to heal from past experiences, make informed and empowered decisions, grow as individuals and mothers and find solidarity in this journey that is matrescence.

Whether you are a mother, a birth worker or just a woman driven to be the best version of herself, as long as you like belly laughs, heart warming stories and oversharing, this podcast is for you.

Matrescense podcast introduction


Want to know more about matrescence? Considering hiring a doula?

Regardless of what stage of your motherhood journey you are at, these blog posts will help to answer your questions and support you to become a more empowered, informed and aligned version of yourself.

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Matrescence: Birth of a Mother

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