Returning to Sex After Having a Baby – Guest Blog

Bridie Allan has a Bachelor of Psychology, a Masters Degree in Mental Health and is currently completing her Masters in Sexology. There’s a strange pressure after giving birth to return to having sex- as if you haven’t just introduced a whole new person into the world. Medically speaking, most women are cleared to get backContinue reading “Returning to Sex After Having a Baby – Guest Blog”

How sleep training cost me my sanity (and safe bedsharing saved it).

 When I was pregnant with my first baby, like all expecting parents in Australia, we received extensive information about SIDS. Every antenatal appointment we attended, included a discussion about SIDS. Every information pack we received included a pamphlet about SIDS. By the time my little boy was born, I well and truly got the message:Continue reading “How sleep training cost me my sanity (and safe bedsharing saved it).”

Bree’s birth story: Part 2

Read Part One At this point the midwives suggested we asses for tears. I suspected I had had another second degree tear and they initially agreed. My second midwife who had arrived after the birth began to perform the stitches but asked to also perform a rectal examination. As a student midwife I understand theContinue reading “Bree’s birth story: Part 2”

How to get your partner on board for a homebirth

After the birth of my first child, I knew that should I be fortunate enough to have more children, I would want to give birth at home. As time went on, I read books, listened to podcasts, chatted to other homebirthers and by the time those two pink lines appeared, there was no doubt inContinue reading “How to get your partner on board for a homebirth”

How to find and hire a private midwife

The process of hiring a private midwife can be dauting.   While you likely have family and friends who can share personal insights, experiences and recommendations for private obstetricians, statistically it is quite unlikely that you know someone who has used a private midwife in your area.   This is because despite compelling evidence that midwifery-led continuityContinue reading “How to find and hire a private midwife”

Do husbands make good birth partners?

I want to preface this article by saying what I hope is obvious. Not all people who give birth will have a husband. You may be a single parent – by choice or otherwise. You may be in a same sex relationship. You may be in a committed relationship which has not yet, or mayContinue reading “Do husbands make good birth partners?”